What are you waiting for?

Whether you are passively looking and want to stay informed on the market, considering a move while currently working or recently unemployed, we would like to speak with you. The best time to search for the right opportunity is now. What can improve your current situation? A position in management or at the next level? Better salary? Better commute? Whatever the reason, we would like to learn about you and what you desire in your next position and show you the opportunities that make sense.

We know where to go with your resume!

Working with a dedicated insurance recruiter adds many advantages to your job search. They know what you do, and understand what you’re looking for in a new job. Not only can they educate you on opportunities in your area, but they can also give you advice on how to increase your odds of getting your dream job. At the Jonus Group, we work directly with the decision makers, giving a voice to your résumé that doesn’t come with an online submission system. Much like an independent insurance agent, we help make the best match for both parties, placing you where you’ll stand to have the most success. You don’t have to go it alone.

How Does This Work?

The process of finding a new job can be both confusing and scary. You’re not in the career of advancing your job. That’s what we do.

Here’s a quick look at how the process works:

  1. Submit your résumé, either through this website or to one of our recruiters.

  2. The recruiter who focuses on your locale will give you a call, go over your background and what you’re looking for, and customize a search just for you.

  3. If we have opportunities that fit what you’re looking for right away, we’ll go over them with you to see if you’d be interested. If not, we’ll give you a call back when a better fit comes across our desk.

  4. We handle the scheduling of the interview for you, and will walk you through any questions that you have before you meet with the client.

  5. Down the road, we also get your questions answered regarding any job offer, and will negotiate on your behalf so that you don’t get caught in a nasty salary negotiation with your potential employer.

  6. If you’re employed, giving your notice to your current employer can be uncomfortable, but we can help you manage it as painlessly as possible.

In addition to this, we’re always here for advice. If you’re not sure what direction to take your career, or if you’re currently being compensated fairly, we’ll be there 24/7 to keep you informed on the what the job market bears.

You’re already an insurance expert, but don’t be afraid to turn to a career expect to get you where you want to go.

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