Employer's Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with a recruiter?

Your goal is to get the best candidate possible for your open position so that you can either generate or revenue or save money. A recruiter can locate the right candidate in a shorter time frame so that you your goals can be achieved faster.

How much information should I provide to the recruiter?

The more information that you can provide about the position and your firm the better. This will help the recruiter zero in on your ideal candidate much sooner and waste less time speaking with candidates that are not an ideal fit. The key information to provide should include: complete salary information, benefits information, future opportunities for the perspective candidate within your organization, a complete description of duties, when available and any additional information pertaining to why a candidate should work for your firm. This information will help the recruiter get you the right candidates to interview.

How quickly can I expect to see the candidates?

This is a function of the size of the candidate pool, the job requirements, how much information you give the recruiter and your trust in the recruiter.

How do I select a recruiter?

You should select a recruiter who is a specialist in your industry, understands your local market, and makes him or herself readily available to you both during the work day and off hours whenever possible.

Do I have to pay a fee to interview candidates?

No. Fees are only due after you select a recruiters candidate and they start working for you.

How many candidates can I interview?

You can interview as many candidates as you would like, but keep in mind that the candidate you like could be interviewing at other organizations, and you are competing for their services?

Can I interview candidates from sources other than my recruiter?

Yes, you can interview candidates from multiple sources and select the best candidate for you.

Do I make the offer to the candidate, or does the recruiter?

You are the client and get to select how the offer is made. Most often, however, it is good to have the recruiter make the offer so that there is a buffer between you and the candidate in negotiations.

What happens if the candidate that I want turns my offer down?

You can either increase your offer and/or add other incentives such as sign on bonuses, car allowances, and laptops to the offer. If the person still does not accept, you can then go to your second choice or interview more candidates.

What one key thing can I do to increase the chances of getting the right candidate?

Never forget that while you are interviewing the candidate, they are also interviewing you. It is key to never lose sight of the fact that you should always put your best foot forward with every candidate and sell them on your company and why they should want to work there. Establish a positive reputation in the market and it will increase your chance of getting the candidate you desire.

Candidates Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with a recruiter?

Working with an experienced, knowledgeable recruiter who is in tune with your market place will greatly increase your chances of locating a new opportunity. Recruiters will spend countless hours talking with clients, candidates, potential candidates and other individuals throughout the industry. Through these discussions they will make strong connections and uncover positions that you will not find using traditional resources.

Should I continue looking for opportunities on my own once I start working with a recruiter?

Absolutely! Your job search should be your top priority. You should keep in contact with your recruiter throughout your search to ensure your efforts are not being duplicated. Furthermore, an experienced recruiter may have contacts that will ensure that your information is getting to the correct person within a given organization. Call your recruiter today and update them on your search!

How many recruiters should I work with at once?

One to two recruiters in a given territory should prove extremely effective. The key is to find someone who specializes in your industry and has had proven success placing candidates with your unique skill set. Be sure to ask your recruiter about their experience in your area, the types of organizations that they work with, and about their previous placements. Don't settle if you're not satisfied.

What differentiates recruiters at Jonus?

The recruiters at the Jonus Group have an established presence in the markets that they cover. They realize the importance of dedication and commitment and are constantly striving to expand their networks. Recruiters at the Jonus Group simply out-work the competition.

Why should I always do an interview preparation?

While you are a specialist in your given field, we specialize in placing candidates of all levels and skill sets. Throughout our daily and weekly interactions and placements, we encounter numerous interview questions and scenarios that you may not be aware of. We want to ensure that you have all available information and are thoroughly prepared and confident for your interview. No matter if you are going on one interview or twenty, take the time to prepare with your recruiter each and every time!

How quickly can I expect to see opportunities once I start working with a recruiter?

It all depends on a variety of factors, including your skill set and how it aligns with current openings, your salary requirements, and ability to travel, as well as various other factors. It is important that you go through a detailed interview with your recruiter and be as honest and up-front as possible to insure that you are represented correctly and kept aware of opportunities going forward. It is truly all about timing, but the Jonus Group will ensure that your opportunities are maximized.

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